Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sincerely . . . Thank you!

KEM's Remaining 2014 Regional 
Furniture & Accessory Market Schedule
Edison, NJ  *  August 3-4-5
Central Florida (Kissimmee)  *  September 7 & 8
Long Beach, CA  *  November 19 & 20
Edison, NJ  *  February 1-2-3
Long Beach, CA  *  T-B-A 
Edison, NJ  *  August 2-3-4 
Central Florida (Kissimmee)  *  T-B-A
Long Beach, CA  *  T-B-A 

Questions? Contact our office, we will be glad to help!
Ph: 305-792-9990 Fax: 305-792-9898

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

 THE MAY 21 & 22, 2014, 

Buyers are still trying to PRE-REGISTER!  
Companies are still asking for EXHIBIT INFORMATION!!
With over 400 spaces assigned and the economy turning for good, it is exciting, especially for the exhibitors 
who will be WRITING ORDERS
We urge you to be there, if you want merchandise that will
SELL FOR YOU and at great prices!!! 
See you May 21 & 22 at
Larry Karel's 
Long Beach Convention Center, Hall A, 300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802
Wednesday & Thursday - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Any questions feel free to contact our office and we will be glad to help.
Ph: 305-792-9990 Fax: 305-792-9898

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bad weather . . . bad weather . . . bad weather!  That’s all we heard about.
But it’s true!  The furniture industry received quite a spanking from Mother Nature, this past winter and we all felt it, furniture shows, exhibitors, buyers and their customers. Even with a slow economy buyers still need to replenish and re-stock.  Therefore, it didn’t matter what you did, who you are or how much you invested, you have absolutely no control over Mother Nature’s wrath! 
Good News! From the first day of the February Edison Market moving forward, our office has gotten calls from buyers to pre-register, exclaiming needs for merchandise and their disappointment with the weather conditions, preventing them from their normal bi-annual restocking.  To further that thought, from these buyer calls, participating exhibitors at our August 3-4-5, 2014, Edison Furniture & Accessory Market will benefit from the needs of the NY, NJ, PA buyers.
Better News!!  Those companies who wish to expose, expand and possibly explode their product sale, still have an opportunity for a really nice space selection.  You will see those buyers who for whatever reason (cost, time, business demands, etc.) cannot travel to the markets far from home/business.
Best News!!!  If you select your space today, you would have the opportunity to be a part of all of our advertisement for the show(s), i.e., receive free buyer invitations (all you desire), send us a photo, ad, or market special and you will have an e-mail blast dedicated to your company, along with a product photo in our direct mailing campaign AND your company’s name mentioned in our many mailings and advertisements!
Whew!  We do a lot for a nominal fee, with no additional charge to you and we’ve been doing it for 62 years.
POTENTIAL EXHIBITORS: Our Long Beach Market is only days away, May 21 & 22.  If you are contemplating taking space … NOW IS THE TIME!!!  But, we only have a small amount of spaces remaining.  Don’t wait any longer!  Call us, today.  Speak to Sherry for the best available spaces!

BUYERS: Currently, we are mailing badges to those who have pre-registered for our May, Long Beach Event, however, to ensure your badges get to you on time, PRE-REGISTER TODAY.  Tuesday, May 13, is cut off day, you will then have to register, on site, at the Long Beach Convention Center, 300 E Ocean Blvd, Hall A, Long Beach 90802.
You can reach us by phone: 305.792.9990 • Fax: 305.792.9898 • email: • web:

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Housing, Autos and Retail on the move

Happy to read the USA Today article on page 4B with information that the economy is continuing to gain strength.

It was reflected at the Karel Exposition Furniture & Accessory Markets held just a few weeks ago in Edison, New Jersey and Central Florida.

Both shows had excellent attendance and many of the stores who had low inventories came to buy and buy they did.

Within five days after the Edison, New Jersey event, well over "500" exhibit spaces were assigned and confirmed for the big winter market, February 3, 4, 5, 2014 and returning to the New Jersey Convention Center.

There will be a change of previous dates announced as the Super Bowl will be held in New Jersey and to avoid heavy traffic and other related things, the show days will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and that too is being hailed as a positive move and may become permanent.

The KEM crew then moved on to the Central Florida Furniture & Accessory Market and it was the comeback show and it surely was a wonderful comeback with exhibitors raving about the first show in three years.

When the recession came about, Florida was on top as far as foreclosures and a poor general economy so we refrained from having a market until the air cleared and this was the return.

Exhibitors are already requesting exhibit space and that will begin right around the first of the year for the September 2014 market.

Buyers are elated to have a market where they can get into their car, shop a market and return home the very same day without the expense of housing, food, transportation and just being away from their place of business.  They also can meet with regional companies for fast delivery and the other conveniences of having a local show.

Exhibitors are telling us the two or three day KEM shows are so economical and they are seeing stores they no longer seeing at markets far from their home.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

KEM Has the Summer covered

August 11-12, 2013

August 4- 6, 2013

(Aventura, FL)-----“I’m usually cautious, but something tells me this is going to be one of the best summers since the start of the recession,” said Larry Karel, President of Karel Exposition Management, (KEM) the nation's largest producer of regional furniture and accessory markets.

 Karel should know. He and his team have their fingers on the pulse of the furniture industry and are gearing up for two markets, Orlando, Florida and Edison, New Jersey.

KEM is returning to the Orlando area, after a brief hiatus, to produce the "77th Central Florida Furniture & Accessory Market” at the Exhibition Building at Osceola Heritage Park, Kissimmee, Florida, August 11-12, 2013.

Karel Exposition Management, together with the Florida Home Furnishings Representative Association and the Florida Association of Furniture Manufacturers are sponsoring the show.  The highly anticipated show will feature hundreds of spaces of merchandise that attract attendees from throughout Florida and the Caribbean. The show is open to buyers from furniture stores, interior designers and specialty stores from the home furnishings industry.

According to Karel, the housing market is starting to gain steam again in Florida. “We hear it in their voices. People feel positive about the economy and are ready to do business.”

Major companies such as Carlton Manufacturing (wicker/rattan), Pelican Reef (indoor/outdoor furniture), Stanley Chair (chairs for every room) and King Koil (mattresses) along with many more are participating. “The show is less than a month away and one entire section of the hall is completely sold out,” Karel said.
     For people on the east coast, the “63rdEdison Furniture&AccessoryMarket”, August 4-6, 2013, is a must attend. “Summer is a good time for buyers to replenish their inventory and from what I have seen, the merchandise available in the furniture,bedding, lighting and decorative accessories categories is great,” Karel added.
      Both the “77th Central Florida Furniture & Accessory Market” and the “63rd Edison Furniture & Accessory Market” are regional in scope which means they draw buyers who do not attend other markets far from home. In addition, they are meeting a number of local resources and can get quick delivery. Both shows offer free parking for buyers and exhibitors

“People love our shows since they are only a vehicle ride away, no costly housing, food or transportation,” Karel stated.

Karel is the first to emphasize that regional shows are vital. “Manufacturers representatives cannot put a sofa in their car trunk to attempt a sale.”

“People don’t come to a KEM show to socialize. It’s all about bringing the products to the buyer and writing business,” he added.

For more information call (305) 792-9990.

NOTE:  Admittance to the “77th Central Florida Furniture & Accessory Market” and the “63rd Edison Furniture & Accessory Market” is complimentary. However, attendees must have two forms of proper business identification showing that they are in the home furnishings industry. No person under the age of 13 will be admitted. Not open to the public.